Descripción del proyecto

FORTAPE – Research on efficient integrated systems for the manufacturing of complex parts based on unidirectional tapes for the automotive and aeronautical

Technology center: CTAG
Sector: Automotive and Aeronautics
Clients and / or partners: CTAG leads the consortium of the project, made up of 10 entities from 5 European countries, among them Grupo Antolín, Ford and Airbus
Start and end date: 2015 - 2018
Call: Factories of the Future (Marco I + D Framework Program of the European Union - Horizon 2020).
R+D+I Competence: Advanced Manufacturing


The main objective of the FORTAPE project is the development of an integrated, efficient and optimized system for the manufacture of parts with complex geometries that integrate one-way fiber covers for application in the automotive and aeronautical industries, with minimal use of materials and energy .
FORTAPE intends to apply new combinations of processes-machines in over-molded and in-situ consolidation to make the composite parts. In addition, new concepts of mathematical models and computational simulations will be developed for the structural optimization and selection of the best processes.


The efficiency during the manufacturing process is expected to increase thanks to the reduction of more than 30% of the use of material and of more than 20% of the energy consumed.
In addition, it is expected to reduce defective production rates, eliminating at least 85% of defective parts in the automotive sector and maintaining the 7% rate for parts manufactured for the aeronautical sector.