The Intersectorial Technology Alliance of Galicia, created in 2012, is composed by AIMENANFACO-CECOPESCACETIMCTAGENERGYLABGRADIANT e ITG, the seven Galician Technology Centres of state character.

Thanks to the capacities of these reference technology centres, ATIGA acts as a strategic R&D partner for Galician enterprise and offers extensive experience in the development of individual innovation projects or projects in collaboration with other companies for the main strategic sectors of Galicia.

Across the cooperation between its members, ATIGA works to achieve the technological excellence, to promote the joint common participation in the development of big projects national and of the EU and to offer to the companies more opportunities of international action.

ATIGA is the largest private Alliance in the field of innovation in Galicia and mobiliser of corporate R&D, placing innovation as key to improving production structures and modernising industry. Its challenge is to position Galicia as a technological benchmark, joining forces to compete at national and European level. ATIGA works in the definition of the public policies related to the R&D.

ATIGA Corporate Brochure

Members of ATIGA