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The Circular Economy in Industry 4.0

Autores: Eduardo Rodríguez Fernández-Arroyo Manager of the Sustainable Industry and Building Department EnergyLab Dr. Pedro Villanueva Rey Research Technician in the Sustainable Building and Industry Department EnergyLab The development of an economy based on [...]

Innovation Trends in Cybersecurity

Author: Juan González, Security and Privacy Manager at Gradiant Original text published in the Economía Industrial Núm.410: Ciberseguridad magazine (Industrial Economy No.410: Cybersecurity) The mass adoption of information and telecommunications technology is transforming our society [...]

Advanced multi-material structures for the aeronautics industry

Lightening-based design is a widely used approach in the majority of the transportation sectors and in particular in the automotive and aerospace industries. This design practice is favoured as it not only reduces fuel [...]

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Bin Picking. How to teach robots to resolve problems

The production line of any food industry performs work with different elements such as raw materials, semi-finished products and the final product. Each of these elements has certain characteristics, which make them more or less [...]

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Modelling and energy simulation in the 4.0 industry

Simulation engineering is a tool offering great versatility and potential, which is used in the design, analysis and continuous improvement of all types of productive processes, regardless of their complexity. This technology is based on [...]

Cloud Computing. The future is in the Cloud

Cloud Computing, a concept which also known as “the cloud”, is understood as the on-demand supply of computer resources through the internet, and with a pay-as-you-go model. The type of resources that this system is [...]

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