25 aniversario de los Centros Tecnológicos españoles presidido por la ministra de Ciencia e Innovación

20 October, 2021|

Los Centros Tecnológicos presentan un nuevo modelo de I+D+I con un decálogo de medidas para mejorar los indicadores económicos del país. La ministra de Ciencia e Innovación, Diana Morant, ha inaugurado esta mañana el evento conmemorativo del 25 aniversario de los Centros Tecnológicos, Fedit y ha anunciado la creación de un grupo de trabajo permanente [...]


26 November, 2020|

Diego Méndez The valorization of by-products and the Circular economy   The excessive proliferation of algae at certain times of the year, the final accumulation of which is limited to certain zones, is dependent on environmental and climatic factor. These are factors that can be affected both by natural causes and human activity (for [...]

Advanced Logistics or Logistics 4.0

26 November, 2020|

Advanced Logistics or Logistics 4.0 consists of the optimisation of the whole supply chain through physical, digital and operational interconnectivity. The term Logistics 4.0 was coined in 2011 as an element supporting the broad concept of Industry 4.0, and, in recent times, other related terms such as supply chain 4.0, marketing 4.0, distribution 4.0, [...]

WWTPs, from water treatment plants to resource recovery plants

3 November, 2020|

Mankind demographic and social growth, and the development of sanitation and water treatment infrastructures are closely linked. Thanks to them, we live in healthy environments and we minimize the impact to the environment around us and from which we get our supplies. Municipall WWTP The growing importance of the circular economy [...]

Circular economy for the biorecovery of raw materials of strategic value

3 November, 2020|

Circular economy and bio-economy are cornerstones for building an environmentally responsible future. The European Union and its Member States are promoting the development of tools that transform industry and economy by making them environmentally responsible, ensuring sustainability in their processes and making them independent of the use of natural resources. This is done through [...]

La Junta Directiva de ATIGA se reúne para poner en común el avance de su actividad

22 July, 2020|

La Junta Directiva de la Alianza Tecnológica Intersectorial de Galicia se reunió el pasado 21 de julio de 2020 para la revisión del avance de diversas actividades tales como la formación o el segundo estudio de Industria 4.0. Al mismo tiempo, se llevó a cabo la puesta en común de las experiencias sobre la gestión [...]

The Regional Government of Galicia will maintain the six technologicalcentres in Galicia that form ATIGA.

17 April, 2020|

In a meeting held on the 16th of April in which representatives from the six technological centres that form ATIGA were in attendance, Francisco Conde, the Minister for Economy, Employment and Industry of the Regional Government of Galicia, defined these centres as “an essential resource for Galicia’s industrial future”, going on to stress the important [...]

ATIGA Technology centers consolidate their growth in 2018

11 January, 2019|

Last year numbers connsolidate the solid growth of the ATIGA centres The joint investment in 2018 in new scientific-technological equipment exceeded 8 millions Euros From the study Industrial Opportunities 4.0 to the joint training with almost 500 people trained in the last 4 years, are some of the key actions of ATIGA in 2018 The [...]

The technological centers of ATIGA increase their income by 38%

18 October, 2018|

ATIGA is positioned at the national level as one of the 3 main alliances of technology centers in terms of revenue The centers alliance developed in 2017 400 projects, 21% International Santiago de Compostela, 17/10/18. The associated technological centers in ATIGA, Aimen, ANFACO-CECOPESCA, CTAG, ENERGYLAB, GRADIANT and ITG have shown in 2017 its strength and [...]

Galician business sector bets on emerging technologies for the implementation of Industry 4.0

21 March, 2018|

ATIGA and Xunta de Galicia presented the conclusions of the study 'Opportunities Industry 4.0 in Galicia', in which more than 350 companies participated 'Safety & Security' and 'Automation and advanced and collaborative robotics' are the technologies 4.0 most implemented in the Galician companies Companies point to financing and training as the main barriers to the [...]

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