What is “Opportunities Industry 4.0 in Galicia”?

Objectives of the study

  • Know the current technological level of the different productive sectors
  • Identify opportunities for improvement for the industrial sector
  • Adapt public policies to the needs of companies or sectors

What can I get if I participate

  • Make the needs of companies reach the Xunta de Galicia
  • Know the aids offered by the administration for technological modernization and industry 4.0
  • Get a personalized report if you wish about your situation.
  • To have access to the technological information and the existing capacities in the centers.
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Companies bet on technology to increase efficiency

The team in charge of preparing the study Opportunities Industry 4.0 in Galicia, promoted by ATIGA and IGAPE, has already held interviews with 273 companies, 80% of the sample to be analysed before the final reports are written. The coordinator of the work, Ana Paul, presented the preliminary results in the day ‘Opportunities Industry 4.0: Galician keys and international perspective’, held in Vigo on September 27.

On the motivations to invest in technologies 4.0, 73% of companies that have opted for innovation have done so with the aim of increasing the efficiency of their production systems and 49% sought greater efficiency in management. These objectives precede the search for direct benefits, which represent an incentive for investment in 48% of cases.

Regarding the barriers that companies encounter when implementing new technologies, 53% of respondents recognize that financing is the main obstacle, followed by ignorance of technologies 4.0 (36%) and uncertainty about the return of the investment (31%). For this reason, 60% of Galician entrepreneurs believe that the Administration should reinforce innovation aid, while a third of those interviewed are committed to qualified training in ICT and Industry 4.0.

Meeting Working Group: Opportunities Industry 4.0 in Galicia

The working group for the preparation of the study “Opportunities Industry 4.0 in Galicia”, which aims to know the technological status and opportunities of Galician companies in this area, held a meeting to prepare the field work to be done with companies. The objective of the study to be developed over the next few months is to facilitate the transition towards a new model of product oriented towards technological innovation, that of industry 4.0. The work will analyze the level of implementation of industry 4.0 in the ten main sectors of the Galician economy: Agroalimentation and bio, Automotive, Wood / Forestry, Naval, Metal-mechanic, Textile / Fashion, Aeronautics, ICT, Renewable Energy and Natural Stone.

Presentation of the study “Opportunities Industry 4.0 in Galicia”

In an increasingly globalized and competitive context, technological innovation is a key factor to improve the competitiveness of companies and generate economic growth. New technologies are revolutionizing the ways of producing around the world and are propitiating the digital transformation of the industrial fabric.

Galicia 4.0 is a project of the IGAPE and the Intersectoral Technological Alliance of Galicia (ATIGA) in which companies, business associations, experts and Technology Centers work together to know the technological status and opportunities of Galician companies to facilitate the transition towards a New productive model more oriented to the technological innovation, the one of the Industry 4.0.

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