• ATIGA is positioned at the national level as one of the 3 main alliances of technology centers in terms of revenue
  • The centers alliance developed in 2017 400 projects, 21% International

Santiago de Compostela, 17/10/18. The associated technological centers in ATIGA, Aimen, ANFACO-CECOPESCA, CTAG, ENERGYLAB, GRADIANT and ITG have shown in 2017 its strength and growth capacity, surpassing by 38% the volume of revenue reached in 2016 to be in the 65 million euros what It ranks it at the national level as one of the top three partnerships in terms of income. The president of ATIGA said today in Santiago, in a conference on technological innovation, that “all indicators of the centers show a behavior that clearly exceeds the average economic growth of our environment.”

Thus, he stressed that the net employment generated by the centres, highly qualified and stable, has grown by almost 40% since 2014. In terms of customer services, average growth has reached almost 4% per year over the past three years. The core activity of the centres, R & D + I projects, grow 45% in the period, which implies an annual average of 13.30% sustained growth.

The total of projects developed by the centers reaches 400 in 2017, of which 21.3% of them are already international, essentially European. With respect to registered patents they grow almost 15% in the period reached 78 in 2017.

First meeting on International Technological Excellence

The data from the technology centers have been released in a day that has gathered in Santiago different experts in innovation to share the best experiences of technological excellence at the service of society. The day moderated by Juan Luis Polo, an expert in digital business transformation, has been attended by Maria Smolander, Senior research Scientist of the Finnish Technology Center leader in applied research and innovation VTT and with the Experience in collaborative innovation of companies such as Viza Automotive, shipyards, Hermasa, Galicia Forestry Association, Telefónica Eleven paths and SOLE.

The counsellor of Economy, Emprego and industry Francisco Conde, responsible for closing the day highlighted the contribution of Galician technological centers to innovation that are making Galicia a reference of pioneering and disruptive projects at the level International as the self-employed car or advances in collaborative robotics. Conde highlighted the transformative power of the technological revolution and the leading role of knowledge led by universities and technology centers as catalysts for industrial transformation.