The high capacities of the seven technological centres that forms ATIGA allow to facilitate integral solutions aligned with the needs and with the demands of the companies, including from the investigation applied up to the experimental development and the innovation.

This technological offer includes technologies shared by more than one centre and those that are exclusive to one of the partners of the Alliance, which are complementary to other capabilities and are based on the following lines of activity:

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Flexible and cooperative robotics
  • Artificial intelligence and process forecasting
  • Processes and products monitoring and control
  • Additive manufacturing
  • 3D micro manufacturing and high precision manufacturing
  • Advanced joining and assembly technologies
  • Functional surfaces development

Mobility and Transport

  • Automated driving
  • Propulsion and electro mobility
  • Active and passive safety systems
  • Electronics and infotainment
  • Connectivity and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Noise detection and comfort
  • Advanced logistics processes

Energy and Sustainability

  • New biofuels
  • Alternative energies
  • Treatment and valorization of waste
  • Lifecycle analysis and carbon footprint
  • Emission reduction
  • Energetic simulation and monitoring
  • Water cycle: watershed management, drinking water and sanitation
  • Building and town planning
  • Industry and manufacturing processes


  • Sensors, monitoring and control
  • Advanced communications
  • Data analytics & Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and integrated systems
  • Security and privacy technologies
  • Biometrics and multimedia security
  • eHealth
  • Software development
  • Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAs)

New Materials

  • Composites, foams and adhesives
  • Nanomaterials and biopolymers
  • Composed materials
  • Improved technical life span and accelerated aging
  • Materials for extreme usage conditions


  • Health, nutrition and pharmaceutical industry
  • Food quality and safety
  • Livestock and aquaculture
  • Process engineering and conservation technologies
  • Recovery of by-products – Circular Economy

Members of ATIGA