Project Description

AIRUS – “Automatic Intelligent seRvices for U-Space”

Technological: ITG
Sector:  ICT, Drones, U-Space
Clients and/or partners: Everis’ Aerospace and Defence Division (ADS) and the Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG)
Start and end date: 2018 – 2021
Call for proposals: Mixed Research Units – Regional Government of Galicia
R+D+i : TIC


AIRUS “Automatic Intelligent Services for U-Space” is the Joint Research Unit (JRU) in which we have joined forces with the multinational technological firm, Everis ADS, to develop a safe and efficient drone traffic management system for the thousands of drones that operate in any geographic area, including cities, and which share airspace with manned aircrafts. This concept of UTM or U-Space systems, which is currently being defined on a European level, would be a significant accelerator for the UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) market.


The development of a technological solution that provides a solution for the demand for highly automated services in line with the European paradigm, U-SPACE, a regulatory and technical framework promoted by the European institutions to facilitate the efficient and safe integration of drones in the airspace. AIRUS will focus on developing key services such as the validation of the flight plans according to the technical and regulatory requirements, the establishment of prohibited areas, the decongestion of air traffic, collision-prevention tactics, and real-time flight monitoring. All of this will be done using advanced functionalities that do not yet exist or whose level of maturity is still low, which will help the project compete in international markets.