Project Description

ECOplast – Research in new biomass-based composites from renewable resources with better properties for vehicle parts moulding

Technology Centre: CTAG
Sector: Automotive
Customers and/or partners: CTAG leads the project consortium, made up of 13 entities from 5 European countries, of which the Antolin Group and Eurostyle Automotive stand out.
Date: 2010-2014
Call for applications: 7th Framework Programme of the European Union
R&D&I Skills: New materials


The main objective of ECOplast is the development of new biocompounds with biopolymers as the basic matrix, reinforced with natural fibres, nanofillers, mineral fillers and additives, by adapting conventional processing techniques and other innovative process technologies to obtain customised properties for validation and posterior incorporation in a vehicle.
ECOplast is intended to be a reliable response to environmental concern that takes into account the functional requirements of the main manufacturers and the protectionist policies of legislating authorities.


It will facilitate the introduction of a new biopolymer and the adaptation of biocompound processing methods for potential use in vehicles, the reduction of dependence on fossil resources, energy optimisation of processes, improvement of competitiveness of SMEs in the manufacturing sector and the use of biocompounds.