Project Description

ESI Europe

Centro tecnológico: ENERGYLAB
Sector:  Industry and Hotels
Partners: Stiftung BASE (Switzerland), Federazione Italiana per l’Uso Razionale dell’Energia (Italy), Conselho Empresarial para o Desenvolvimento Sustentavel (Portugal)
Date: 2018 – 2022
Call for applications: Horizon 2020. Topic EE-23-2017. Innovative Financing Schemes
Scope I+D+i: Energy and sustainability


This project aims to replicate the successful Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) model in the three highest potential countries in Europe – Italy, Portugal and Spain, train key market stakeholders, and deliver an ESI Europe Toolkit alongside a longterm business model to enable the broader roll out of the ESI Europe model in other European countries. The ESI model consists of financial and non-financial mechanisms designed to work together to improve the risk-return profile of EE investments and overcome the associated barriers.

GoSafe with ESI ( is the brand developed to carry out the expansion of the ESI model in Europe, it is an innovative solution that complements energy efficiency projects, guaranteeing the energy savings generated. GoSafe with ESI has no application deadline and may accompany energy efficiency projects in which it is applied as long as the guarantee on energy savings remains in force.


The expected impacts include:

  • to have trained and increased capacity of 1,664 stakeholders after lifetime of the Project
  • to have mobilised between €978.6m and €1,711m private investment in EE projects within five years of project start
  • to generate corresponding primary energy savings of between 1,611 and 2,816 GWhe/year after five years of project start.