Project Description


Technological centre: Gradiant
Sector/s: Health and wellbeing
Clients and/or partners: Gradiant, SERGAS, DXC Technologies, Univerza Mariboru, Univerzitetni Klinicni Center Maribor, Haute Ecole Specialisée De Suisse, Latvijas Universitate, Cyberethics Lab, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège, Symptoma, Rubynanomed, National Patients’ Organization y Emoda.
Start and end date: Jan 2020 / Feb 2023
Call for proposals: The European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme by virtue of grant agreement no. 875406.
R+D+i area: TIC


The main challenge of PERSIST is to improve the quality of life of breast and colorectal cancer survivors. Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, experts will develop an innovative ecosystem that supports the physicians’ decision-making processes, thereby contributing to optimal treatment decisions.

This system will be based on new health data analysis models, and PERSIST will also offer a mHealth system for the remote and personalised monitoring of each patient. The partners will also develop a Big Data platform integrating both systems that will connect to the clinical history systems of any hospital.

The initiative includes a transnational pilot with more than 150 patients and 32 health professionals from 4 different countries, which will prove decisive for the project.


The PERSIST project will be a radical breakthrough in the quality of treatment and the follow up of cancer survivors. We will not only develop innovative applications based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, but we will also demonstrate their effectiveness in improving the quality of life of these patients. This project will offer a completely patient-centric approach, considering all of the necessary elements of the healthcare ecosystem to guarantee the rapid uptake of the results within the European context.